How To Prepare For Boxing MMA Training? 

Choosing boxing gear based on the fighting sport or martial art you intend to practice is equivalent to wrapping up in an emergency foil blanket after an accident. The final goal of selecting boxing MMA gear accessories is to envelop oneself in a protective layer before the match.

Since you don’t need a lot of equipment, boxing is a cheap and straightforward activity. Sportivo Merchandise provides the best quality boxing accessories. Without spending much, you can use the necessary boxing gear to practice the sport. 

What Are The Required Equipment For Boxing MMA Gear? 

If you want to start practicing boxing, these are the essential equipment you might need. 

Training Gloves

Training gloves must have considerable padding and adequate wrist support. There is a limit to it, and it’s not as simple as tying a cushion to your hands and starting to box. To dissipate punching energy, the ideal training gloves will include a dense, multilayer foam. 

No cuffs will be able to prevent wrist sprains completely, and excessive volume may increase their likelihood. Gym Martial Arts mats in Brisbane offers sturdy, cushioned wristbands, ideally with a velcro strap for convenience.

Boxing Studs

Novice boxers often underestimate the value of examining the footwork, although it is crucial to winning a battle. Precision is critical in this situation, so make sure you’re wearing the right boxing shoes.

Most businesses disregard quality when creating clothing in favor of style to increase sales. Therefore, finding the right pair of boxing studs can be difficult. However, boxing MMA gear in Brisbane sells quality equipment. 

Hand Gloves

When protecting the wrist and knuckles, even the most fabulous gloves are insufficient. Narrow knuckles make it challenging to create a gear that can precisely protect them while maintaining enough stability for the wrists. 

A hand wrap and a glove worn together can protect both parts without sacrificing stability. Brisbane MMA gyms are very particular about the quality of hand gloves for effective practice of boxing. 

Mouth Guard 

A mouthguard is a protective gear to lessen wounds and keep your teeth from breaking. It accomplishes this by distributing all the energy among your teeth. It improves the ability to breathe during strenuous exercise or combat.

All of your teeth should remain in touch with the ideal mouthguard. You can purchase a specially made piece from an MMA boxing shop that is meant to fit your mouth correctly. 

Speed Bag

Your objectives will determine which speed bag is best for you. Better reflexes and coordination come from smaller bags. Larger bags will accomplish the same thing more slowly. But they will better aid in the development of your shoulder muscles. 

These bags often wear out since they constantly move quickly. Leather has a long lifespan. It requires an enormous investment. However, if you get speed bags from the Brisbane MMA store, you will cost less in the long run.

How To Make Your Boxing MMA Kit?

  • As with any combat sport, you must get a set of inner gloves, foam-padded boxing gloves, padded headgear, a mouthguard, a protective cup, and a pair of traditional boxing shoes to ensure your safety. 
  • Boxing gloves are required for combat and are just as crucial for good boxing bouts and fights as for boxing training
  • It would help to wrap your hands in boxing wrap to protect your gloves and ensure they stay durable.
  • You should also wear sturdy clothing because face punches may be forceful during fights. 


Make the most of the sport by spending money on high-quality boxing gear to ensure a successful beginning. With consistent practice and the appropriate tools, boxing can keep your body active so you always remain healthy and fit.

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