Top-notch Martial Arts Mats In Brisbane

Martial arts demand a lot of consideration, but your floor mats shouldn’t; in our opinion, the better the carpet, the less stress you’ll have when traveling! To help you purchase the correct floor padding and resume practicing, we’ve broken down everything you need to know in this buying guide.

Sportivo Merchandise offers martial arts mats in Australia. There are also other wide varieties of equipment required for the sport.

Different Martial Arts Padding

The best martial arts mats should be sturdy and shock-absorbing. Your legs are put under stress from frequently performing fast strikes. With inadequate floor padding, all that forceful impact could cause harm.

Stackable Foam Tiles 

A standard option for martial arts floor padding is interlocking foam tiles. To achieve a specific aesthetic in your martial arts studio or home gym, they are simple to customize. 

Place your order for the necessary tiles for Badminton Tennis Rackets in Brisbane. Lock them together when it’s time to practice, and put them away when you’re done. To achieve the desired aesthetic, you can select from several sizes, surface textures, and colors.

Roll Out Mats

Roll-out mats are a common choice for both home and business gyms. They are effortless to store and install. Roll-out mats are extremely simple to clean and sanitize because of their non-porous vinyl top. 

These mats have a vinyl surface over a substantial cross-linked polyethylene foam bottom, making them solid and stress-absorbing. Soccer Rugby Football in Brisbane are the best option as they are sturdy and thick.

BJJ Mats

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, and judo are just a few of the combat sports disciplines for which BJJ mats are perfect. BJJ mats provide the most protection during the most demanding and mixed martial arts training. 

BJJ mats in Brisbane are 2 inches thick and provide considerable cushioning against high falls, smashes, and throws. Additionally, because of their thickness, they can be put with little to no, if any, need for subflooring. Secondhand used BJJ mats are available for sale in Brisbane. 

Smai Mats

Smai mats are made with a non-slip and rip-stop nylon mesh backing. A top vinyl layer offers resistance to tearing and scratching. The latest Sports Gifts in Brisbane are laminated to the reconstituted foam to provide a robust construction that can withstand frequent, heavy use in commercial settings.

Finally, a rubber anti-skid foundation has been installed on the bottom surface to provide stability. Traditional non-slip tatami construction offers more grip, enabling quicker motions for higher performance.

Tips To Maintain Martial Art Mats

Your martial arts mat could not be any simpler to clean! Whether dirt or sweat, each mat’s vinyl tops, and casings make cleanup easy. You can try these easy steps.

  • Merely cleaning your mat clean of dirt is fine. Frequent sanitizing of your martial arts equipment is crucial for keeping your mat in good condition.
  • EVA foam and crosslink polyethylene foam help these mats resist sweat and spills. However, microbes are still a problem that can be resolved with the proper disinfectant.
  • Just sweep the area, then wipe it off with a moist towel. No liquids can pass through the vinyl fabric, so you don’t have to worry about spills or sweat ruining your mats.


To safely perfect your craft, you must have the proper martial arts floor padding. Martial arts mats serve various purposes, including absorbing the force of your landing and assisting in injury prevention. The choice is now whatever kind of mat best suits your requirements.

We offer all types of varieties of martial art mats. You can consult the advice above regarding the need for certain mats and browse our website.

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